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Thank you for all the beautiful accessories that you have provided
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Decorative Accessories


Silk foliage offers many advantages over its live counterparts. Today's permanent botanicals have evolved to the look and feel of live plants. Beck' Silk Plant Company provides permanent botanicals and silk foliage that are so life-like, they are difficult to distinguish from live plants. Beck's produces the very finest in silk foliage available in the marketplace today.

General Benefits

Many people have difficulty maintaining live plants due to lighting, maintenance and time constraints. Silk plants offer a low maintenance alternative, while providing the same warmth and style of live botanicals. In addition, permanent botanicals do not attract insects, require no pesticides and create an allergy-free environment.

Commercial Benefits

For locations such as airport, hotels, offices, banks, restaurants, and model homes, silk foliage offers a cost-effective savings over a monthly lease-maintenance contract for live plants.

In addition, silk plants are ideal for high-security areas, eliminating the need for the continuous personnel access live botanicals require.

      To Our retail friends

           We are primarily a wholesaler to the design and retail trade, we require trade credentials in order for you to purchase at wholesale prices.  If you do
           not have these credentials, you are welcome to purchase at retail prices.